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So last night was as delicious as the night before. My wife had the picatta and I decided the pesto was on my palette’ s wish list. First off pesto has to have certain levels all vying for corner of your taste buds and they hit it perfectly. Not often I can find great pesto equal to what I make…delightful. My wife’s chicken picatta had to be brilliant, because the sounds of pure joy were exultant with each bite. I didn’t dare taste hers because once that pesto hits ya you don’t want to let go besides I have my own picatta for tonight and she has the salmon.

Salad is usually a toss away but the Randazzo clan has upped the ante with fresh greens tomato red onion and a dressing to love.

Finally the dessert a perfect tiramisu that we killed in five seconds only to lament there wasn’t more.

Andrea and Frank you guys are the shizzle and your food is yummmmmmm

Michael J.

I wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the items we had delivered this past Saturday.  In particular, the Chicken Milanese was amazing (this was delivery and it was terrific)!  I would eat that  everyday, if I were skinny.  From the Big Red Bag, to the comped tiramisu, wonderful.  I will be ordering again soon.

Sharon K.