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Everyone knows the time it takes to cook dinner regularly and the stress it can bring to a busy individual or family. But going out for meals can be a burden on the bank account.
randazzoitaliano.com meal planning is the perfect solution. Andrea and Frank’s culinary team prepares Southern Italian recipes, passed down from both sides the their families, with fresh ingredients, offering generous portions at a cost that won’t break your budget.  A minimum order of four meals per delivery is required.
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Having a party or small get- together? Let randazzoitaliano.com do the heavy lifting. With a reasonable, 8-10 guest minimum order, Andrea and Frank’s Old Country dishes—cooked locally in a healthy, New World way—are the perfect solution to your Italian catering needs. Selections are delivered hot and ready to serve, or cold with heat and/or serve instructions, to give you the control you need. There’s no need to plan for weeks ahead of time, either. Place your catering order 72 hours (just 3 days) ahead of time to ensure delivery. You’ll be glad you did.



Imported pastas, cheeses, oils and vinegars are only a few of the specialty items that randazzoitaliano.com can deliver right to your door. When you’re in the mood to prep your own fare or need to restock your pantry, lean on randazzoitaliano.com.
Our ever expanding online market is perfect for the home cook. Need beverages with your meals or for your gatherings? Those are in stock, too—everything from soft drinks to bottled water. Check your pantry and then check out our Specialties before checking out of randazzoitaliano.com.